Nature Blessings

The other night we encountered a young coyote playing in a field, which was a magical sight. Then last night we saw an owl and managed to get photos! I manned the flashlight 🙂  It is absolutely amazing what you will encounter if you just know how to look. Keep open eyes and senses on high, and spirit will come to you in all forms!


new owl9  new owl4 new owl5 new owl6 new owl7 new owl8


13 thoughts on “Nature Blessings

  1. Very nice – and also nice that the owl turned a bit, to give the camera a better view!

    I look at ‘seeing’ a little differently, as I differentiate between ‘looking’ and ‘seeing.’ Looking, to me, is active. It is searching for something, hunting for something. Seeing, then, is more passive: we can look without really seeing; and as the blind man who used to beat me in judo matches when I was a kid showed me, we can see quite well without even having the ability to look 🙂

    I really like this blog, and will shortly add myself to your list of blog followers!

    1. I like your distinction here. I was pressed for time but wanted to write about how, at night on dark dirt roads, there is very little to “look” for. It’s really seeing with another sense entirely. Often when I spot something as we’re driving, I wonder, how did I SEE that??? But really, I saw it in a very non-visual sense which is mostly intuition or inspiration from spirit. And indeed, I “see” better in the dark than in the light.

      Thank you for your thoughts!

    1. I did wonder whether the light was bothering the little guy, but he stared at us quite intently nonetheless (when he wasn’t whipping his head around on the hunt for mice). Both times we’ve encountered little owls at night, they stayed still on their tree for many minutes, letting us take pictures just 15 feet away. They are incredible creatures 🙂

  2. My! What a tiny little thing.

    We had one about that size land on the fence bordering our yar dfrom the neighbor’s one naight. It flew off before I had a chance to get the camera. – Schucks!

    Supposed to be a messenger if one comes to visit you.

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye

      1. Well I saw some monkeys out in the mountains near Lake Chuzenji, near Nikko last year. It was awesome to see them in their element. Unforgettable experience. They do have foxes here in Japan but they would be extremely rare to see indeed. Hope your having a great Christmas New Year’s season. Many blessings.

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