Let me preface this post by saying this is not directed at my WordPress friends. This is for my biological family.

It has been said that no one in my family wants drama, yet those who gossip, bitch about me and/or complain about me sharing my abuse story are themselves the ones creating drama, not me. My mother said that Willow was creating drama merely by posting quotes of support for abuse survivors on my facebook. That is not drama. The drama only comes when people start talking and questioning these posts amongst themselves.

So if you don’t like what I am saying about my past, the way to avoid drama is simple. Don’t create it. Stay the hell away from me, stop reading my blog, my facebook, and stop talking about it with other family members. You wanted me to be silent, so I’ve dropped you all and you simply need to stop talking about it yourselves. There: I’ve solved your drama problem for you.

The truly glorious thing is I myself am blissfully drama-free, and absolutely relieved that I’ve cut off my family. I am happy, strong, and full of excitement for the future.


10 thoughts on “Drama

  1. How many times I have simply walked away from those types of scenes.

    I have tried my best to not get involved, let alone “bogged down”, with drama scenes and the various “actors” in them. It often takes a fair amount of intestinal-fortitude to simply walk away and completely disconnect from the sources of those negative patterns. However, this is why I undertook my own spiritual journey, and a path like none other. “Life” presents enough of its own challenges to keep me busy AND learning. All of the simplistic, and often over-rated, patterns of habituation from some folks gets very old, and very quickly!

    It gets worse when it is coming from within family. Those whom you have grown up to trust, almost implicitly, can let us down with some of the most base of examples. It also gets more difficult to have the gumption to tell those whom you have trusted that you are “not interested in participating in chasing our own tails to get nowhere”. Some folks seem to have become very comfortable with their own discomfort, and have no problems with bringing others to their level. As the old saying quips: “Misery loves company”. When it gets to the point of nothing but misery, sometimes it is best to walk away from it and let the misery die alone (not the people, mind you). Being as much an optimist as is practical is the best healing I can think of. (A great, big smile.)

    There again,

    Living a Spiritually-Inspired life is never easy, but well worth the effort. πŸ˜‰

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful words! Indeed, optimism is the best practice, and it is easy to be optimistic when you understand what really truly matters in life, and what doesn’t πŸ™‚

  2. Well put! Many people could say those words if they had the courage.

    I said them 18 years ago, and after 3 years of peace, my sister told me I was “killing” my mother, and I decided to “practice compassion” and give them my presence once or twice a year, for part of a day. It’s been far better than it used to be, not perfect, tolerable. Each situation is different.

    1. Yes, every situation is different, and I respect your compassion. I’m lucky that my situation is fairly cut-and-dry, and my family has not actually tried to contact me directly as they prefer my silence. I do hope you have enough peaceful times to get through the merely tolerable times.

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