A Magical Vacation

I’m back from another magical trip to Algonquin Park. Right now the wolves are running rampant — if you want to see wolves and can get to Algonquin, Ontario, this is the time to go. We just drive around at night with huge flashlights and get tips on sightings from park employees and even cops. We were out late one night, driving super slowly, and a cop drove up to check on us. He was bored and chatted about animals for a while. We continued our drive and later he came to find us because he saw a wolf cub we’d mentioned at Mew Lake. We rushed over in time to watch a mama wolf trying to rein in her two rambunctious cubs. They were running all around the road, just 20 feet away or less. Another wolf was also traveling the road elsewhere and we saw him a few times — he was huge and gorgeous. I had been getting visions of wolves beforehand, so it was even more special to me.

Meanwhile the moon was bright and full above us and meteors streaked by. It was a truly beautiful experience.

Wolf Mama

Wolf Cub




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