Amethyst Point “Starseed” Rattle Pendant

I’m in love with making these bottle-shaped rattle necklaces!

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Medicine Wear


That’s me at work, with my headcovering (mostly because I didn’t want to care about my hair today, but also because it helps me connect with Spirit), and my new favourite spirit necklace, that a spirit in me named Europa made. It’s deerskin and wolf pelt with sacred objects: crystals, porcupine claw, beaver tooth, coyote tooth, deer antler, moose tooth, bear claw, a miniature staff, a stone carving of feminine curves, and an old key. I really enjoy it. 

Dressing according to Spirit sometimes changes the way people engage with you, and it’s been a lovely experience. People from other cultures seem to know that I am open minded, and fellow Canadians seem to know that I’ll smile back if they smile at me. So I am happy. 

Porcupine Claw Necklace

My wife and I are bone collectors. We stop for roadkill and reverently take what is offered up. It may sound gruesome, but it is a way of honouring the lives and spirits of these animals. Perhaps a year ago we came upon a porcupine at the side of the road. Its quills were scattered everywhere, far further than we could imagine. I blessed the animal with herbs and seeds and salt from a tiny pouch that I keep with me, sacred. Then we collected some quills and my wife took four claws. The claws she preserved in Borax, and last night I felt called to make something from them. I wanted a powerful, large necklace — black, to remind me of the ‘darker’ realities of death and destruction that are valid parts of life. I don’t know if I can truly embrace death and destruction, and I do not seek evil. But I do seek the neutrality of the universe.