Ceremonial and Healing Tools

I love seeing other people’s ritual tools and could look at photos of them on Pinterest all day. Please share yours! ❤

These are some of my favourites that I’ve made and use regularly. I like rattles and crystals and wands and other little mementos from nature 🙂

my tools


Dreams, Visions, Imagination and Ritual

I wrote in my last post about experiencing visions behind my closed eyes. I’ve come to decide that closed eyes function as the best scrying mirror one can possess. I still haven’t had time to fully investigate and practice this new skill, but already two of my visions have come true, very spontaneously.

Last night I dreamt of war waged by fighter jets in the sky — war above America, though I could see it from my home in Canada. It was a terrifying and immense fight with hundreds of planes and bombs. I never outright expect dreams to come true, though some have, so I’m not anxious about it. There’s some pretty crazy stuff going on in the world right now, but I choose not to focus on it or get upset about it, because that buys into the story of what is happening. I create the world as much as it creates me (and the same is true for everyone). So I neither have to rebel against the world or try to save it. I believe that there is some truth to the idea that we could change the world with a single thought. Certainly I change my own world that easily, moment by moment. I have had moments when I wanted to die, and moments when I was so happy I thought I’d reached enlightenment. The only difference in my circumstances was my frame of mind, my perceptions.

So I do believe that thoughts and the imagination are powerful things. I believe that the real god of the universe is story itself: the true creator of something from nothing. It might seem, then, that I would do a lot of guided meditating, purposeful visualizing and magic spells. I really haven’t done any of that. My spirit journeys always have a question behind them, but very little intent to accomplish anything other than reach some new insight.

I was never one for spells and rituals, mainly because I would have to create the entire ritual by myself, whatever it was for, and I hadn’t created my own context or theory or frame of reference from which to do that. Now I have. I understand for myself how and why ritual works. It fits into my self-created belief system. I believe in the complementary dualism of imagination and actualization, or story and fact. I believe that all enacted stories are really a kind of ritual. And I believe that everything flows from imagination to actualization and back again, and again. For me, enacting a story pushes imagination one step closer to actualization, by bringing it into physical reality.

Anyway, my point is it’s time to practice what I believe. For the first time I’m in a position to craft a truly meaningful ritual or spell that appeals entirely to my own belief system. It’s kind of exciting.