Large Shamanic Rattle

I just finished this large shamanic rattle, made from curly willow and rawhide, featuring antler, coyote fur, turkey feathers, and quartz! If interested in this or similar items, please visit my Etsy! Honoring Wilderness



Rattles for Journeying, Meditation, and Energy Work

As a shamanic practitioner, I employ rattles in my work. Rattles can easily take the place of a drum when drumming is inconvenient or too loud, or — if you’re like me — you find it hard to keep a rhythm or keep drumming during your meditation. Rattles can produce a variety of sounds depending on how they are made. I have some that are very quiet which are great for moments during travel, or just when your spirit wants something subtle. Some of my rattles are loud and distinct.  In any case, rattles don’t require musical talent to use — just make sounds that you enjoy!

Rattles aren’t just a shamanic thing. If you are any kind of empathic, meditative, or energy-working person, you can use rattles for meditation, intuitive healing, energy work, space cleansing/clearing, blessings, and other ceremonies. In shamanism, rattles serve as a “sonic driver” that helps guide the mind into a trance like state. But this state is simply an altered awareness that can be used for setting intention, affirmations, grounding, and mindfulness. Engaging all your senses and creating a moment for yourself by “making noise” is a powerful thing.

My rattles on Etsy.




Yesterday was my wife’s birthday and she bought me a present to celebrate. I now have the native drum I have been dreaming about. It has a beautiful, rich sound and I’m absolutely in love with it. I’ll be making my own drum beater in the next couple of days.

I was inspired to redecorate my desk altar and I’m very happy with the results: