Needle Felted Terrier/Poodle In Progress

Half done! It’s a gift for Willow’s mom, a replica of her dog.

I can make a replica of your pet too! See my Etsy:



Trying to Improve My Needle Felting


Working on realism, I made another bunny. Adopt him or one like him on my Etsy!

Needle Felting turns wool fluff into animals with just a barbed needle. It all began with a pile of wool roving!


Needle Felted Bunny

I don’t want to brag, but he’s just so cute! I made up a new technique for fuzzy fur and I’m really happy with it. He’s about 4 inches tall at the head. I’m going to take better photos in the yard tomorrow morning and then put him on Etsy 🙂

Edit: Etsy link here


Acorn Essential Oil Diffusers

These little needle felted acorns are made with a real acorn top (just pay a visit to your nearest oak tree and ask politely — you’ll find some!) and optional jewelry findings. Add a drop or two of your favourite essential oil on the felt and put this little charm on a bracelet, a necklace, in your purse, on your desk, in your car…the possibilities are endless. The essential oil will diffuse and bless you all day.


Honouring Nature with Accessories

One of the things I love about needle felting is you can quickly freehand anything you can imagine — whereas with knitting you’d need to follow a complicated pattern and it would take considerably longer. Needle felting really lets you run wild with your imagination!

So this cute acorn is actually a little bag/purse! I’ll probably put some crystals in it to carry with me. I love it so much I will surely make more, in different sizes. It would make such a cute amulet bag necklace.

You can order one made just for you on my Etsy shop:


And here’s a quick leather cuff I made, with a leather feather and deer antler.



And if you love essential oils, you can needle felt little wool balls, apply a few drops of your favourite scent, and attach them to anything you like (I have one on a charm bracelet). They will diffuse the oil beautifully all day.