The Spirit of the Wilderness

We spent a week in the Algonquin wilds of Northern Ontario. It was beautiful with light dustings of snow and we drove down every road we could find, searching for moose. Finally, we discovered that one particular campground in Algonquin Park was full of moose tracks, and after spying a moose in the trees at dusk, we decided to come back at dawn. We were not disappointed. We came across a mama moose and her calf off in the distance, and we cautiously began to tromp into the woods to get a clearer view. To our complete amazement, these stunning creatures did not move away as we expected. We approached slowly, and something very unusual happened: the mama and calf casually lay down in the snow, aware of our presence but completely unbothered. We continued to approach with respect and caution as they chewed their cud, looking utterly relaxed.

The whole time, as we navigated the thick underbrush covered with snow, I spoke softly to them and sent out my best energy and love. I spoke blessings, and when we found a log near them to sit on, close enough that we could hear them chewing, I watched the mama moose and she gazed at me. I felt a deep connection and the entire experience was so otherworldly that I could only whisper, “thank you, thank you.”

Kassie374478429_923655218009618_7593455986954731520_omoose pair17moose pair11Kassie5

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