Spiritual Work and Practice

I’ve been doing very well lately — crafting, writing, and helping others with spiritual matters. It has kindled a thirst to do more: to help more people, to spend more time in prayer, to develop new shamanic practices. It’s a pretty good place to be, and a good “problem” to have!

I think this state of mind culminated from the solidification of my personal beliefs. I developed a system of understanding shamanic spirituality that blends very seamlessly with quantum physics, and also appeals to my heart. It is, at its core, only my opinion. But to finally have a rock-solid base that is unique to me and that I know in my gut I have complete faith in, without any doubt…it is freeing and beautiful and inspiring.

The one thing I love to see the most in others’ spiritual journeys is the culmination of this stage of satisfaction and certainty, and it doesn’t matter to me one bit what those beliefs actually entail. We are all unique and entitled to our own truth journeys. They can be a quick and sudden enlightenment or a lifelong pursuit of learning, but when someone reaches this point of faith in their own truth, they have unlocked their best potential.



4 thoughts on “Spiritual Work and Practice

  1. Hi! I’ve been following your blog and love it. I had read on your earlier posts that you do readings for free and then I see that you now charge through Etsy…I underatand the value of your time and energy and can send pay through paypal a little at a time if possible, but I’m in a place in my life that I truly need guidance more than I ever have. Decisions have to be made and to be honest, I haven’t done such a great job up to this point. In fact I’ve made a pretty big mess of things and the life I created has fallen apart…so, now in my 40’s I’m starting a new journey and this time, I know it’s time to get it right and find myself and my purpose for being. Will you please work with me? I refuse to go to just anyone claiming to be psychic and through your writings I feel strangely comforted somehow.

    1. I asked spirit to bring me someone to help, so I feel moved by your words! I only charge now because I was getting hundreds of requests back when I did it for free, and it completely burned me out. We’ll work something out — don’t worry about that. Here is my email, just write to me there: abbawillow@gmail.com

      I’m going on a vacation tomorrow and it will be a very spiritual time, up in the North of Ontario, watching moose and bears and maybe wolves. I’d love to do something special spiritually up there for you.

  2. I’m writing a post today that I’ll publish in a few weeks about finding our spiritual “home.” What you’re describing fits right into what I’m conceptualizing, and I’m happy for you that you’ve found the place that fits you and feels like solid ground.

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