Art is Subjective

I’ve had some facebook comments remarking on the expense of my needle felting work. I get it, because art is subjective and stuffed toys at Walmart are cheap (but still pretty cute!). Also, I think needle felting is a bit of a mystery to many people. I don’t even know how to properly explain what I do. It takes days of solid work. Basically, I turn this:


Into this:


Using only a couple barbed needles:


The rest is imagination and skill and patience.

I’ve seen similar needle felted giraffes go for $500 or even $1000. I try to keep my prices as low as possible while still reflecting the art involved. I don’t believe in charging for my time, but I do price according to quality. It’s a big world and art isn’t for everyone — and the stuffed toys at Walmart ARE fabulous if that’s what you’re after!

But don’t come at the artists too harshly. The world needs us too!

My Etsy shop is here:


5 thoughts on “Art is Subjective

  1. I looked up some needle felting tutorials. For sure, it’s harder than it looks—and I remember your needle-felted ducklings, they looked like live ducklings! It troubled me to read a similar discussion somewhere else a while back about how there’s no profit in knitting considering how much time it takes, and I thought that was maybe more a problem with a market that doesn’t value the knitter’s labour and time enough to compensate the least of it. 😦

    1. I really feel for the knitters! But at least there are always people who do appreciate the work and understand the cost. I just wish the people who don’t even care about handmade things would not protest so loudly, since they’re not interested anyway.

  2. Obviously they did not go to etsy and comparison price. I have looked at many others and prices are representative of a number of things. But it is obvious that your artistic work is unique, healing, and artistry.

    Good and healing thoughts to you.

  3. Yeah, mass produced stuffed animals are nice, but they don’t have the same character that a handmade tribute to the subject matter does. They say love is the magickal ingredient in cooking, well it certainly is with other things made with gentle care & attention to detail as well.

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