My Book About the Power of the Imagination

I was going to write a book, but that would mean taking a lot of time away from my blog, and this is an important way for me to connect with people (since I can be too much of an introvert and don’t talk to anyone for days). So I thought that instead I would post installments of the book on my blog, as I write them.

Here’s the introduction blurb.

The world at large trains us to disregard our imaginations. What we imagine has no value, no reality, and no effect on the physical world, the world of actualization. This message renders us powerless in our own lives. With the imagination in full gear, we unlock our spirituality and creativity, and gain mastery over our intellect, our emotions, and even our health.

The imagination seems like mere child’s play: self-created fantasy that has no truth or bearing on our existence. We have been programmed to shun what feels self-created because we don’t believe we have power to create change in the world through our thoughts. But we do. If you are a spiritual person, you might know this in your gut, no matter what the world says. There is a popular spiritual statement you’ve probably heard: thoughts become things. Indeed, thoughts are the engines of our worlds. Shamanic cultures have long maintained that we dream the world into being – thoughts not only fuel the world, they create the world. Thoughts are the world. If you know in your heart this is true, then your thoughts (despite and because the fact that they are self-created) are the most powerful tools in your world.


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