Spirit is Potential

Spirit is, by definition, non-physical. That is spirit’s only clear and obvious attribute. This is also the only attribute we can name for potential. Potential is simply something that is not currently in existence, since a possibility is no longer a possibility when it is in fact actualized and happening – it is verified fact. Thus potential is inherently non-physical. There is nothing preventing spirit and potential from being defined by the exact same criteria, and in fact it answers a lot of questions when you assume that spirit is potential.

When spirit is understood to be potential, we can also call it an energetic force. The idea of potential can be expressed in terms of quantum physics which calls unobserved or non-actualized electrons wave functions, such as occurs in the double slit experiment, or with Schrodinger’s famous cat idea. The wave function is not like a material, physical electron. This wave function contains every path that the electron might possibly take – in other words, the wave function contains the electron’s full and infinite potential. When observed, the wave function “collapses”, being forced into materialization as a single electron and its single path. It sounds like magic but it’s simply the fact that the situation turned from potential into actualization, from spirit to physical. Everything that is unobserved has infinite potential because we don’t know exactly what it is doing, and we can’t verify it without observing it. Once verified, the infinite potential has actualized into a single potential-point, while keeping its future potential infinite because that it is unverified also.

When someone is alive, their potential is actualized moment by moment, but when they die, that potential is freed and completely infinite. You could also say that the deceased are released into spirit and enter the infinite. Spirit and potential are interchangeable.

Energy is also accepted in spiritual circles as an interchangeable concept with spirit. Scientifically, energy is a property or an attribute of matter, not really a physical thing itself. Energy is always the potential for things to happen. Energy creates change, but is not itself the change. It is the potential.

When spirit, energy, and potential are all understood to be the same thing, many doors are opened. I firmly believe that the imagination is our direct sense of potential (or spirit/energy). Anything we can imagine is possible as long as infinite time or space or dimensions are possible. Thus our imagination isn’t just fanciful but an actual sense of what is indeed possible. Since potential is equal to spirit, suddenly we come to the conclusion that through the imagination we can directly interact with spirit.

It is an idea that takes some getting used to, since the world at large would have us believe that our imagination holds no reality, and spiritual people don’t want to think that they are simply “making up” their spiritual experiences. Yet in a way our brains are “making up” even physical reality as we experience it! In a way, everything happens in our heads; everything can be thought of as imaginary. On the other hand, we often try to force non-physical reality to conform to the same parameters as physical reality. We want so badly for spirit to be real that we want to physically sense it – when there is no physicality to spirit anyway. One has to extend “realness” to both the physical and non-physical world. Both are equally real.


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