Algonquin Blessings


I have no adequate words to express how blessed I have been. We had an amazing, magical time in Algonquin, full of awe-inspiring encounters with wildlife. We drove and drove and I prayed, May my wild spirit brethren come! and come they did. We heard wolves howl, fed the grey jays by hand, and came so close to gorgeous moose, one with the most expressive, sweet expression.


We also came across a family of foxes who were WAY too friendly. We’d left the car doors open…so one hopped in, and before we could stop it, he stole a bag of cigarettes! Willow gave chase, but they were teasing and playing with us and we never got them back.


Willow and I gave blessings and great thanks. It really was everything we could have wanted, and more.





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