Yanantin: the Infinite and the Instance

In the beginning there was Nothingness, and it was so infinite in potential that it was also Everything. This was the first pair of all the complementary dualities to come. From potential comes actuality and manifestation. So we are born from potential and slip back into potential, but never does this energy disappear.

This is the Peruvian Q’ero shamanic view of Yanantin: complementary opposites that are in constant, eternal relationship. Without the Everything, there cannot be the Nothing. Without the Infinite, there cannot be the Instance. Without the Familiar, there cannot be the Other.

Imagination is the purest spiritual energy; material experience is the essence of physical manifestation. But both are types of one giant experience of yanantin – the dream and the dreamer together.

It can be hard to connect to spiritual things, because we fear the imagination – the very sense through which we access the spiritual! So we start to look for physical signs of spiritual things, which we pursue in vain. Instead we must forge a new path in our journey of connection, seeking ground we’ve never crossed before.

It takes bravery, creativity, and faith, but we are meant to be in partnership with the infinite – call it God or Spirit or Source. It is half of what we are.


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