The Anticipation: Algonquin Calling

In two weeks, we’re heading to Algonquin for a three-night stay in a Mew Lake Yurt. It’s been two years since our last visit and staying three nights is a huge treat.

I’m dreaming of moose and wolves and bears. We’ve had unbelievable experiences in the past, sitting outside the car at night with wolves frolicking just 20 feet away, or bears eating from the blueberry patch. All we do is search for wildlife and any sighting is valued. Once, on a pitch black forest road I saw the tiniest glimmer of something…and when we shined the flashlight, there was a pine marten staring at us. We drive for hours at night, so slowly that the cops sometimes ask if we’re okay, and we’ve got huge flashlights ready when we see something. I’m really good at seeing by intuition in the dark.

We always bring seed-feed for the wee chipmunks too, and in the Park animals are so different, so unafraid of people, they’ll get right into your hand! Grey Jays will swoop down onto your hand if you so much as hold it out.  Foxes on Arowhan will come up to say hello. Once, a mother wolf chased her misbehaving cubs back and forth over the road right in front of us. We’ve had private wolf howls with a pack, we’ve seen shooting stars while waiting with held breath for an animal to creep out of the trees, and we’ve mastered the art of cooking bacon on a shovel over a campfire. We’ve walked into the dump at dusk with nothing but a broken rake, seeing the glowing eyes of way too many bears pop out behind the trash heaps (okay…we’re not doing that one again!).

Still, there’s always something new to see, always another surprise. We’re still waiting to see the otters–they’re out there somewhere!–and catching a photo of a bull moose with the biggest rack of antlers yet is the name of the game.

Algonquin is a magical place, so spiritual to us, and so healing. Bring it on!


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