Awaken Your Senses, Change Your Perceptions

We are each responsible for creating our own reality through what we think  about and how we perceive experiences.

But this goes beyond mere positive thinking. If you exercise your imagination, you really, literally, do have the power to change your reality.

I have a way of imagining things to the point where what I’m imagining feels real — I can imagine myself feeling joyful, and actually ecstatically change my mood with minimal effort. I imagine the feeling, and then suddenly I’m experiencing the feeling as if I wasn’t producing it all on my own.

Start with a few exercises.

  1. Eat something small and simple, like your favourite fruit. Enhance the taste mentally until it is the most delicious thing ever. Can you taste the difference?
  2. Imagine eating something sour. Can you feel it like it’s really in your mouth, causing saliva to gather and other sensations?
  3. Try to feel an imaginary touch on your skin. Can you give yourself shivers or goosebumps?
  4. Imagine music, your favourite song, and try to bring the volume up and down in your mind.
  5. If you have pain, try focusing on it analytically. Ask yourself, what does pain really feel like? Why does pain hurt? What is pain, anyway? When I do this, the pain temporarily disappears and I feel only a little pressure.
  6. Finally, imagine joy and excitement. Use a memory if that helps. Can you feel it? Do you feel better, more joyful, than you did before you imagined it?

You really do have the power to create your own experience of the now. If you learn to use it, you can be utterly transformed and freed from old limitations.


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