Our Intimate Co-Creator Relationship

You are an instance of consciousness, like all things in manifestation: the trees, the animals, the rivers, and even the clouds are all instances of consciousness. And as an instance, you are in an intimate partnership you may not even be aware of — a co-creator relationship with the infinite.

The infinite consciousness is the realm of potential and possibility; it is a world we access directly through our imagination. Imagination is our most sacred sense, being our closest link to the mind of Great Spirit, Source, or God. Physical reality is not the only reality — it is simply the reality of instances. Spirit and imagination, the infinite, are just as real.

The instance and the infinite together dream all experience into manifestation. When you imagine or dream something, you create the possibility for its very existence, meanwhile the infinite consciousness works to manifest possibilities into physical reality. You manifest infinite reality and the infinite manifests the reality of instances.

One amazing thing is that this is a perfectly equal relationship. You, an instance, are just as powerful as the infinite, albeit in a different way. It’s a powerful incentive to get to know Spirit or Source or God better, because together you create the reality you experience.

Everything you dream and imagine becomes a possibility, so choose wisely what you imagine and dwell upon in your mind. Likewise, it’s important to experience what does happen in as positive a way as possible, because how you choose to experience something is also a factor in building your reality.

Breathe with the infinite, dream with the infinite, and create with the infinite. Take up your place in this complimentary duality and realize that next to the infinite, you are just as important and powerful.


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