Autumnal Anointing Oil for Sacred Space/Time


Autumnal Anointing Oil Vial with Rawhide Carrying Pouch

Sacredness begins and ends with us.

It’s all about our frame of mind, perspective, and attitude. Luckily though, we can use some tools to help transform an ordinary moment into an extraordinary moment.

One thing that I love is anointing oil. Having a background in soap making, I have a lot of moisturizing oils and fragrances on hand. My current favourite oil will beckon anyone who loves Autumn (think pumpkin spice lattes!). It’s my own handcrafted recipe and smells of a crisp late October day, with spicy notes of the harvest and falling leaves. It’s intense and absolutely magical to me.

When I anoint myself with this autumnal oil, I feel connected to nature and blessed. It elevates my frame of mind to the special quality required for sacred space/time.

My own Autumnal anointing oil in a 30ml vial, along with a special rawhide carrying pouch, is available on my Etsy Shop.


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