Blessing Bottle

I made a rawhide “bottle” with an antler and quartz stopper attached with chain, and decorated with little charms. Inside, it is filled with a mix of herbs and wildflower seeds to be sprinkled on the Earth as a blessing, whenever I feel moved to do so.

I can custom-create these on my Etsy if anyone is interested!

Blessing Pouch on Etsy




Crafts! Rattle and Bag

I’ve been crafting a lot recently, making some items that are very special to me. We were gifted with feet from a great horned owl that had been found dead at the side of the road, and after putting them in Borax for about two years, they were beautifully preserved. I made a rawhide rattle and placed it in the owl’s talons, and the result is very powerful to me.

I also made a neat little carrying case for the four elements, with tiny bottles inside holding objects representing them. It’s adorned with a fox face pelt, a compass, and other charms.

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Being Raw

Today I feel raw, all veneer cut to the quick, exposing nerves.

I remember being 13, obsessed with The Shawshank Redemption, the story of an innocent man in prison. He was described as having an “invisible coat” that shielded him from the horrors around him, protecting something within him so that it could never be touched.

I remember being 14, writing tomes about ancient Roman stoicism, because it let me emotionless and strong, untouchable.

I was 15 and writing quotes on the wall to let my family know they couldn’t break me.

I don’t know where I got this attitude of strength from, but it’s what saved me. No matter what was done to me, no matter what they made me do, they couldn’t get to my soul. I knew right from wrong and they couldn’t corrupt that.

Now I have peace, and beautiful people around me who amaze me with their kindness. Now it is time to do the good that I knew all along was right.