Honour the Emptiness

I was doing a shamanic reading for someone today when the following thought stole into my mind, spirit-sent and magical:

All empty places, be they barren wombs or chasms ripped from our souls, are also places of infinite potential, for nothing yet exists within them, and thus these places represent an infinite hope.

I have, in my life, experienced the debilitating emptiness of depression and pain. The best thing I could do at the time was to find the agonizing beauty in this pretty sorrow and honour that fiercely. This got me through nearly impossible things, but now I have a different perspective. Places of emptiness and sadness can be conversely defined as places of desperate hope. Realize that you are not merely feeling empty, but in fact desperately hoping to feel something, because you truly care that much about at least one thing in this life. Realize that you are not merely feeling sad, but desperately hoping for change and transformation of a sort, because you recognize and care so deeply about at least one thing that is wrong in this life. If you can see this even while you are seemingly trapped in an endless nothingness, you will be brought back to how much you are full rather than empty. You are full of values, desires, hope, and potential even when you feel the most devoid of all. Especially when you are walking in that dark void of soul.


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