My style of pagan headcovering follows no rules but that which comes from the heart. It’s not really about modesty, but about the balance between being both a servant and a queen simultaneously, for we are all simultaneously infinitely meaningful and infinitely meaningless.

So while watching the Tudors I came to enjoy the styles of headpieces they wore, and made one with some flat wire, lace and beads. I just glued everything together so it wasn’t complicated.

My point is that headcovering, like any personal spiritual practice, can be imaginative, inventive, creative, and fun.



4 thoughts on “Headcovering

    1. Thank you kindly! It’s different for sure — but I don’t mind looking odd 🙂 A lot of people wear headscarves and I found it limiting.

      1. I do not think it looks odd. It looks nice. You see elegant is never about big or small, gold or silver, it either is or it is not and your piece is nice and elegant. Keep posting. By the way I really liked something you posted about the creative process (your creative process) and what it takes for you to put tought into words and I totally identified with that. I post daily or at least I try to have a daily post and at times it takes a lot for me to accomplish this. I have the ideas and concepts in mind but putting into words at times is challenging. Something else I noticed was that when I was writting very technical or using terminology that was very up there my blog did not get a lot of attention so I had to change my approach and it truly made a change anyway….. Hey it has been nice to read your stuff. Keep it up. Jose

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