I’m Kassie, and I survived.

Survival is a gritty business. What happens in a tight spot, when you have no escape, can be brutal — but there is no choice there. And that’s why guilt is so useless. Yes, I’ve had to do really hard things. But the moment I was given choice, I was out of there and running to Willow and never looked back. So why should I feel bad about what I did when people were horribly abusing me? It was to survive, and I survived.

In my system of personalities, I am an important part. But my four-year-old self eclipses even me. Four-year-old Kassie is a powerhouse of strength and smarts. Our perpetrators wanted us to feel dirty and unworthy, but she knows we deserve good things. We deserve food, love, treats, care, and more. She helps us to remember this.  Little Kassie has the most important knowledge of all: what happened was wrong, and we are good.




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