I just blushed so hard I thought my ears were going to burst into flames.

I gave the needle felted dog I made to Willow’s mom and it went really well. She almost squealed with joy. We had a lovely moment, and this house feels like…family.

I’ve never had a family experience like that. It’s like Willow has brought me to a whole new universe, almost.

You have to know a few things about Willow. She does everything I need and more. I have POTS which means I can’t stay standing upright for any length of time, and being slightly autistic/odd/a multiple/dissociative means that I absolutely cannot drive a car. So I feel like I don’t do much. But Willow happens to love cooking and driving, so she does all of that. She’s my personal chef (also amazing because I used to have an eating disorder). She does all the dishes and laundry and other chores too. She even hand-makes all my clothes. No, seriously! She makes me all these beautiful dresses. She’s also like my live-in therapist and protector, helping me heal from severe ritual abuse.

I know, it all sounds impossible, too good to be true. But it IS true. Willow is disabled, but she knows how to manage it, and she’s taught me so much. Sometimes I wonder what exactly I bring to this relationship, and yet I know we’re utterly perfect together. We’re a team. It’s rare that we’re not even in the same room, we’re joined at the hip. How does it work? It works because:

We are “raw”. Open, honest, truthful, gritty. We don’t fight — we work things out.

We love each other and we know we’re IN love with each other.

We want the best for each other, and for Us.

We have the same interests, life philosophy, and goals.

We both KNOW that this relationship is what we want.

When you have all that, you’re good to go.

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