Healing Wounds

I went through my whole life thinking, believing, and knowing that I was absolutely ugly. My wife taught me otherwise with endless love and patience. She rescued me from a bad place, kept me safe, and taught me how to heal. Now, I’m reclaiming my life.

I believe in a phenomenon called body memories. My body literally brings up issues from the past and manifests them physically as pains and marks and other symptoms. Right now, as I am reaching a new height in my healing journey, my body is absolutely transforming. Changing in crazy, obvious ways. It’s like I’m going through a delayed puberty or something. Not just weight shedding, but bodily features are moving, shifting curves to go with my new self-esteem.

It’s an unexpected gift. Often we survivors lament how unfair it is that we have to do all this hard healing work when we never did anything wrong in the first place. Bad things happened to us and now we have to fight to fix them, and sometimes it seems so unjust that  people halt their healing process entirely.

But don’t stop healing. Don’t stop the healing work. The rewards are greater than you can even imagine.





4 thoughts on “Healing Wounds

  1. When I do healings and/or initiations, I ask folks to either do self portraits or take selfies in front of a full length mirror. Once a week.
    I also ask them to LISTEN to people’s comments, as they are going to ask “new hair? loss weight?” or make generic remarks about outward changes.


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