The Signs of Nature

Here in Ontario, Canada, we’ve had a weird winter. Spring seems far in the distance, as a snow dump is expected this coming week. But I have seen a chipmunk already — this is, to me, the best prediction of weather. Somehow it already feels like Spring, despite the cold, and nature is telling the same story, if you just know the signs.

Long, long ago, long before science, long before tales of history can reach — in the times lost even to story, they are so ancient — people had ways of knowing and relating to nature. I suspect the bond between people and nature was womb-deep, umbilical, back-to-back and breath-to-breath.

The voice of nature must have been like a constant song in their minds, indistinct from their own thoughts.

People call this ‘mere instinct’ as if that is a scientific explanation. But instinct itself is unexplained. To me, there is no doubt that nature is alive with spirit, and still speaks to everything within it today.


5 thoughts on “The Signs of Nature

  1. Much of that knowledge came from living in one place for a lifetime. It represented the accrued experience of generations. Making a mistake in assessing weather could be fatal, so people got good at it.

  2. So nice to read this today….

    I have long felt instinct to be intelligence that did not cleave to our newer rational left-brained ways but pointed to this older right-brained and somatically tied intelligence that gave us the wisdom of our bodies….which, to a left brained rational was not a mystery but (for them at least) an impossibility. I know that Spring stirs in my blood and marrow as much as it does in the rivers and soil.

    Nice read for a day with so much Spring stirring in it! ~P.

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