Singing Meditation: the Magic of Overtones

So I had my first real practice session attempting to teach myself overtone singing. It’s exceptionally  meditative. When you’re in the zone, all your focus is on creating a harmonic vocalization, and your whole body is literally buzzing (resonating!) with its power. I can imagine lots of ways to easily incorporate this into spiritual and healing practices, but just playing around with it is great fun too. Whether you’re interested in singing, meditating, or healing, overtone singing is enormously satisfying. (It’s a cool party trick, too.)

I have shared some examples of my practice below but obviously I am just starting out. Listening with headphones is best. You’ll hear one note held, and then an otherworldly kind of ringing that fades in and out over top of that note. It almost sounds like microphone interference or something electronic — but it’s me! Cool, right?

Check out some how-to videos on Youtube if you’re interested and give it a try for yourself.



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