Shamanic Learning

Led by the heart, I come up with ideas that might seem presumptuous — like recently, when I decided to spend time journeying (in spirit) to the North to learn from Inuit elders. I believe that our teachers need not be embodied in human form in this realm, but can speak to us in other ways, and so we can learn without classes. I tend to exhaust available research and book-teachings quickly, so I need to take a leap beyond.

When I journeyed to an Inuit elder, he told me to honour the stone labradorite. I have a beautiful piece, and he told me to make something with it. Then he told me to lie in a sled, all bundled up, and said he would drag me across the ice all night, under the Northern Lights. I did not know if this meant anything in particular, and I didn’t know if the Inuit would even know of labradorite crystals, until I read later of the Inuit story where labradorite comes from the Aurora Borealis. As it turns out, the stone was first discovered by geologists in traditionally Inuit land.

Naturally, I then used my labradorite piece to make a necklace, using the most beautiful red sheepskin I own.




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