Simple Morning Ritual

20160219_145912I recently started putting braids in my hair, which has grown half-way down my back. Then I remembered how tying, knotting, or binding cord can be incorporated into almost any magic you wish to weave. So my morning routine now involves weaving magic into my hair. Since I take my braids out at night, I make sure that the magic is geared towards the present day only — a simple wish I can renew daily.

As you tie your hair, with each braid or twist, simply recite your intention. When you are finished and put in the final pin or cord or elastic, you can affirm that the magic is bound so long as the braid is tied.

Don’t despair if your hair is too short. Just get inventive! You can braid a cord and wear it like a headband, for one example.


2 thoughts on “Simple Morning Ritual

    1. Thank you my dear one. It took a long journey before I believed such a compliment could be true. Hugs and blessings, and I have changed my email address so I shall write to you soon!!

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