Little Ways to Honour Nature

  1. Make squirrel suet! There are many ways to do this, but some old bread, birdseed, bacon fat and peanut butter make a “gourmet” version. You can do something more simple according to what’s at hand in your kitchen. Leave suet-chunks in your yard, or place them under trees in a park, and the squirrels will surely find it.
  2. It’s winter here, so it’s very cold, and that means it’s hard for animals to get water. A dish of warm water left out will attract birds and other wildlife, especially if you keep replacing it after it freezes.
  3. If you go out walking, keep peanuts or sunflower seeds handy to leave as offerings.
  4. In the spring, buy packets of wildflower or grass seeds and sprinkle them where you think the earth needs more life.
  5. In winter, don’t forget the rabbits! Hay or rabbit pellets can be cheaply bought at farm feed stores, but most vegetable cuttings from the kitchen will work too. If you see rabbit tracks in your yard, honour them with a tasty treat.
  6. Make it a habit to greet any wildlife that crosses your path. Speak to them — even if you don’t say it out loud. I like to breathe in, thinking or saying thank you and opening my mind to feel what the animal is feeling. Sometimes I can feel the fast beating of a deer’s heart or even smell and experience what it feels like to see the world from that animal’s own eyes. Then breathe out, saying or thinking bless you and try to impart upon the animal your own good intentions.
  7. Remember not to grumble too much about the weather, but think about the good things, the beauty found in snow or the blessings of rain to the land.

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