Pagan Common Prayer

Blessings be

to those that I know are in need,

even those who would not be grateful,

and even those who would not bless others.

Blessings be

not to the favored, but to those in adversity

even if they caused it upon themselves,

and even if they cause it upon others.

Blessings be

to those who would not change their ways.

May this blessing save them from themselves, and save others from them.

May my blessings take root in the souls of others,

and may my blessings transform them.

May I believe and hope and know this is truth.


~~Story Kaiora



8 thoughts on “Pagan Common Prayer

  1. Thank you for a lovely blessing. Any advice on what to be doing while saying it? Any particular colour candle to burn?

    1. I go with my gut rather than rules, but one thing I like is to breathe in saying, thank you, and breathe out saying bless you…feeling the universe kind of breathing into me and out of me.

    1. Thank you! I just wrote it, so it’s new to me. I would like to make it routine, because it challenges me to believe that my blessings can really make a difference. Morning is my favourite time for prayer — night is when I would do shamanic journeying (or call it astral) work, involving visions.

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