Being Lost, Being Found

I have been living out of cardboard boxes for almost a year now. Not due to laziness, but because this is a temporary home and our moving day always seems just over the horizon. Mostly we are organized, but somehow I have lost my vast collection of leather pouches and crystals.

To feel better about this, I found my drum, but I cannot drum much where I am, due to noise issues. My drum is a spiritual being in itself so just having it near me helps. It travels beyond its resting place no matter where I put it; I cannot count the times I have found it somewhere other than where I put it.

I think I am gaining spiritual ground even though I feel lost; I believe that most times we all feel lost anyway. I walk my path without knowing where my feet will end up next.

I have recently seen a fawn in the wild — my first sighting of a baby deer. I breathed with it and felt the beating of its heart. I recently played Dead Can Dance loudly enough that the bass jumped in my chest, as if my heart was beating with it. It is enough, more than enough, and I continue on, blindly answering some silent call.


5 thoughts on “Being Lost, Being Found

    1. Wise words, my dear. I did find them, finally — I wanted to make some of the stones into necklaces 🙂 Then I needed two feathers but couldn’t find those either….but Spirit sent two lovely little feathers to my backyard. One was a pink-hued cardinal feather, so pretty!

      1. Oh I understand now, you wanted to use them for creative endeavors, not personal healing. I’m glad that you were able to find them.

        Good and healing thoughts to yous and your wife.

        Love yous,


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