Good Holidays

If you know a little about ritual abuse, you will understand that this is a difficult time of year for many survivors. Willow and I are trying to make the best of it in small, simple ways. For instance, I’ve declared today is New Glasses Day! If you wear glasses you might agree it’s one of the most awesome days ever. (Hakim lost the free frames I picked out…so they had to let me pick from the expensive frame section free of charge!)


Also, about a week ago we declared a new holiday: Little Moo Day, since my inner kids love baby cows so much. Willow even got us a cake:


So basically, we’re finding a lot of things to take joy in. Willow and I have planned to go away to a friend’s house for a couple days this week — it’s a safe and comfortable place to spend the coming holiday. And with the wildlife bustling into action outside — chipmunks running around, robins a-plenty, and bunnies hopping by, we are celebrating all the good things in life.


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