Little Girl Doll Sculpt

I made this doll out of polymer clay, with acrylic eyes and fake eyelashes, and a wig from a used porcelain doll. She was painted with chalk pastels. Now to figure out how to make proper doll bodies!

sculpt little girl2 sculpt little girl3 sculpt little girl4


8 thoughts on “Little Girl Doll Sculpt

    1. No, markets are awesome but the price for a table is pretty crazy! I’m on social assistance, so this is pretty much just a hobby 🙂

      1. Have you ever thought about a starting a small craft Co-op with other sellers? Strength in numbers. I’m not sure about where your from, but back home in Australia, the government gives start up loans for stuff like this. You could possibly write the cost of a market stall as a business expense and get rebate on your tax return for it.

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