Barn Owl Spirit Pouch (now on Etsy)

I’m making spirit bags for my Etsy shop! This is in deerskin, decorated with wooden beads and hand-sculpted cold porcelain art pieces: a barn owl’s face, a feather, eggs, and a pair of owl foot prints.

Spirit Fusions: Where Spirit Stops on Etsy

20150304_164223 20150304_164327


15 thoughts on “Barn Owl Spirit Pouch (now on Etsy)

  1. Those are very nice!

    I am wearing the very first Spirit Pouch I made. It works out well when you have a leather crafting shop in town, and they have bulk bags of leather scraps for reasonable prices.

    Good luck with the business. I have heard of Etsy, but never got around to checking it out further.

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye

    1. Thank you 🙂 I love leather, there’s a reservation near me with the most amazing craft store that sells full pelts too. I’m still navigating the laws about sending and owning animal artifacts in different countries, so for now I’m just sculpting things instead of adding real feathers.

      I’d love to see your spirit pouch, they are so personal and powerful.

      1. Okay:

        Hopefully, these photos turned out well. Tis was my first hand-crafted Spirit Bag. Yes, they do take a little bit of practice to do them well, but the result is worth the effort.

      2. Wow! I really liked this, it’s beautiful — just the right amount of embellishment, and so well-made too.

      3. I didn’t have much patience with the needle and thread-work. My hands are not quite that strong to try to thread a needle through leather.

        What counts, is what we put into it (even literally).

      4. I’ve bent many a needle trying to sew leather myself, and it’s so hard on the hands. I have a leather punching tool but it’s painful too after the first couple of punches. I’m blessed now that my sewing machine can handle it!

  2. 🙂 I’m really looking forward to receiving this. I having it sent to a relative’s place because of my ongoing issues with an incompetent postman.

    Good and healing thoughts to yous.


    1. Oh my goodness Kate, that’s so cool! I’m going to pick out a couple of crystals from my collection to put the in the pouch for you, because you are awesome and now I get to send you something 😀

      1. Well I’m so excited. I decided to make the pouch a gift to myself, and what a wonderful gift it is. Thanks so much for it.

        Good and healing thoughts to you.


  3. I got it and I love it so much! I’m so excited and happy. I’ve been showing my sister your etsy items and she is just knocked over by your work. I really have to agree with her. Thanks so much for the little gifts. I love them too.

    Good and healing gifts to yous.


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