Forever Crafting

I’m working with cold porcelain and want to make nature and spiritual-themed things, like this soon-to-be-pendant I just finished, of a barn owl:


I really enjoyed making it, and want to keep at it. So…I set up an Etsy shop, here: Spiritfusions.

My aim really isn’t to make money. I just like to make stuff, and Willow and I tend to make way too much stuff! Like soaps, moisturizers, clothing, jewelry, leather craft, wands…lots of things. So this lets me craft as much as I desire, and maybe someone will enjoy it one day 🙂


5 thoughts on “Forever Crafting

    1. Thank you, my friend. You’re right — I am a shy person by nature, and I’m not good at receiving things. But I’m getting better at it through practice! 😀

      1. To truly step into your power you must genuinely believe that you are worthy to receive it. Self love is the name of the game. Faults and all!

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