Stories and Dreams

Existence is not made up of truths, but of stories and dreams.

Stories are what we tell other people; dreams are what we tell ourselves. They are equally important, for our stories become other people’s dreams. And so this living world of non-truth emerges, where your dreams come from stories, and become stories themselves, which then become dreams again. Like echoes in a canyon from a thousand vantage points, together we build our experience of our existence.

It has been said that if you want to change the world, you must change the world’s dreaming. And this story echoes in my mind very clearly. However, I believe the first step is simply to take notice of the dance of stories and dreams — to get to know how they work, how they play like light and shadow on our minds and bodies. It is all very good to say that we dream the world into being, but is this just your story, said for others to hear you? Or have you made this idea your private dream? Spend time watching it in action, watching how the waves of tales and wonderment crash upon you. Then see what is left when the tide draws out. Ultimately, you must find out what you are dreaming. You must know what your dreams are telling you before you can do anything at all constructive in the world.


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