Expressing Our Wounds

I enjoy singing as a means of self-expression. It is particularly important in moments when I can’t get the emotions out any other way. As a result, I tend to sing songs with dark overtones, but the intent is to be stronger than the ones who hurt me, not to “wallow” or “give in” to the pain. Expressing pain is the opposite: it turns our wounds into something outside ourselves, ultimately transcending and overcoming it.

In this video, I sing Tori Amos’ Professional Widow (the Merry Widow version) acapella.


4 thoughts on “Expressing Our Wounds

  1. Damn, the video dosen’t work on my I-pad App. Really wanted to hear this. It’ll have to wait till I next get on the PC! Looking forward to hearing it. I do a lot of therapeutic singing myself. (mental note!)

    1. Thanks! Like most people I love music…I’ve fiddled with some instruments, but I’ve never done anything in a group. Would love to though 🙂

      1. You should give it a try. Seems like you have a hidden talent wanting to reveal itself. Maybe take some lessons! Even if it goes nowhere, think of all the healing and joy it could bring just for fun and laughs with friends. Something like this has happened to me. I wrote a really heartfelt song and I guess at a higher level, I was sending that vibe out into the universe. Out of the blue at around the same time, an old friend called me and asked me to come and jam with his celtic folk rock band that needed a drummer. So I said yes! I don’t have the courage to tell them I can sing and that I have a song written yet. I’ll have to work up to that.

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