Pagan Sacredness: Clothing

I am a pagan woman, and I only wear skirts and dresses. I also like to wear headcoverings, although I do not follow this as a rule, but cover my head when I feel so inspired.

As I have noted before, it astounds me when other people claim that my chosen mode of sacred observance is “stupid”, “outdated”, or “insulting to women.” It seems to me that some people are hearing the wrong message in what I (and many other pagan women) do. I am not attaching any “shoulds” or other imperatives to my sacred observance. I am definitely not saying that headcovering is the best way for everyone, or that it should even be a consideration for everyone. I have merely found a sacred observance which fits my personality and thus it feels sacred to me. The only “should” that I would urge on others is that they “should” find their own modes of observing the sacredness of their own beliefs.

I like being inspired by the myriad ways other people observe sacredness, so when I talk about my own methods, I am presenting them as ideas, options, and examples. Clothing and accessories are one way to work sacred observance into one’s life. Anything carried on the body, or anything that demarcates oneself as being in a sacred state, is an intimate yet still quite simple way of being present with one’s spirituality. Ultimately, these reminders serve as silent, actionless rituals.  For anyone who is trying to change their normal thinking patterns, or wishes to connect with their spirituality, symbolic reminders such as clothing and accessories can create a mood or provide an intention for their efforts.

So, that is really all I want to get across by mentioning my chosen sacred observance. It is personal and it brings sacredness into my life: a practice I would recommend in general to everyone.


5 thoughts on “Pagan Sacredness: Clothing

  1. People seem to still not recgonize that we all have the right to choose. Where you are most comfortable in skirts and dresses, I am most uncomfortable in them. Neither of us is wrong, only right for ourselves. It’s a shame more people don’t see this. Very good article!

  2. I appreciate you sharing this. I’ve always found that a change of dress is very helpful to creating ritual head-space for me. I prefer loose flowing clothing when the magic has to flow. Just preference, that’s all 🙂

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