Poem: Programmed Child

I will not be this person any longer. I am not this child.


The polite child never argues,

never raises her voice, never speaks

unless spoken to, never questions

her captors. She never requires

anything, neither sustenance nor

love, but does what she’s told

as promptly and perfectly

as a wind-up toy. In the right hands,

she can be wound up to do

anything. She knows what she ought

to say, and only says this; she knows

how she ought to act, and only acts

thusly. Yet, being a child, she needs

constant correction, if only to remind

her of her place. Punishment

can be dealt at any time, regardless

of her behavior, and she will beg

to know how best to please

her captors.


5 thoughts on “Poem: Programmed Child

      1. Yes, I hear you very loud and clear. I have worked through some painful inner-child issues recently. I managed to connect with some wonderful inspiration from my higher self, as to how I needed to do it, and why it was so important. It prompted my next blog post, which was a very direct focus of the catharsis. I hope it will be helpful for a lot of others in this way too. I’m polishing it off as we speak! Stay tuned.

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