Write About Your Wrongs

I’ve been doing a lot of mental and spiritual work around the abuses I’ve suffered in my life, and this leads to me wanting to express my thoughts and feelings in various media.

Why write about my abuse? It is, admittedly, mainly for me. It gives me an outlet for the hordes of confusing, sometimes conflicting, or simply overwhelming emotions that swirl within. But I hope it will also inspire survivors to use their voice and speak openly (in a safe environment) about their experiences. Often survivors are silenced, their abuse smothered by legal terms or sugar-coated with vague words. I choose to be raw and gritty and speak my truth as vividly as possible.

The following video is me singing along to Patti Smith’s Pissing in a River, overlaid with tracks of a very triggering poem I wrote. Again, this is VERY TRIGGERING, so listen safely.


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