Goodbye McKay-kitty

My dear beloved cat, only 8 years old, passed away early this morning. I am comforted that she was with friends whom I love and trust, because I could not go to see her before it happened. There is such sadness right now, but I really am glad that she passed away in the arms of someone I know to be a beautiful soul. I’m told she will be buried in the garden where much magic happens.

Thank you to everyone for your supportive thoughts and comments. I will respond when I am less messy. For now I am keeping busy distracting.


10 thoughts on “Goodbye McKay-kitty

  1. …sorry…but it sounds like she had a good life…maybe too philosophical, but as someone who’s cared for nine animals through their lives, and their end-of-this-life transitions, that’s what I tell myself after each loss…

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I am relieved to hear that my other kitty, Zelenka, is doing well despite missing McKay. My friend also said that McKay’s spirit comes to visit him 🙂

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