Visions of War

I’m not one to fixate on apocalyptic prophecy (or the future in general), but I do pay attention to my own dreams. And when I have three bizarre dreams in a row about the same thing, I’m definitely motivated to keep my eyes open to what it might mean in my waking world. I’ve had many dreams come true in very literal ways shortly after I’ve had them. For instance, If I dream about seeing an particular kind of owl in a particular place, I expect this to actually happen (and it has). I’m not used to analyzing my dreams in a more symbolic way.

Recently I’ve had three dreams about terrifying explosions in the sky. In the first dream, it was understood that the explosions were America being bombed (as seen, somehow, from my place in Canada). In the second dream, lines like contrails (aka chemtrails) drew all over the night sky, and then exploded. The third dream was very similar to the second.

So I’m going to try to get some answers through waking visions, a practice I’ve been working on instead of more traditional shamanic journeys. But I’m interested in what you think: are dreams meaningful for you? How do your dreams relate to the waking world? How do you interpret them? Do your dreams come true, either literally or symbolically? Have you had similar dreams recently, or heard of others who have? Tell me about your experiences!


One thought on “Visions of War

  1. I think dreams are cool. Some are just memories consolidated in a strange way, others are metaphors for my emotional or mental state, and I do believe that some are flashes of the future (never big or important, or else to obliquely to be interpreted right and prepared for before it happens). I’ve also had world’s end dreams involving orange lightning and giant robots, or hordes of zombies, or pelicans for some reason…

    Recently, though, I’ve been having recurring dreams of wandering a city and meeting people all in this omnipresent bland harmony and moderation.

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