Dreams Come True

Willow got us to our favourite place, Algonquin Park, in honour of my birthday. We weren’t planning on going at all and it was a whirlwind of getting ready. The first night there, we were told that moose sightings were low and indeed we only saw fox. But there was magic in the air and the next day didn’t disappoint us.

I had been dreaming and having visions of being up North and seeing wolves. The message “wolf on a hill” kept coming to me, but since this was the big message and experience of our last trip, I didn’t think it would happen again. Wolf sightings are rare. But it did happen. Coming up a hill a wolf ran across the road, and later that night we howled at that spot…and the wolf pack howled back, loud and near. We had a whole conversation with them until they stopped answering.

The milky way was bright in the sky and meteors streaked above us. We saw a mother moose with her itty bitty baby; we called back and forth to a bull and sow somewhere in the woods; we saw beavers and a weasel and a huge bear at the town dump.

The next morning, we were full up and grateful for it all, but the universe kept on giving. Two wolves ran right in front of us in broad daylight on that same hill. Then, we watched a mother bear with her two cubs eating blueberries 50 feet from the road.

Finally, we stopped at Tory Hill on the way home to do some rock hounding, and came out with a bowl full of beautiful green apatite crystals. What a gift!

bear and baby 4

bear and baby

bear ma 2

bear ma 3

bear ma 4

bear ma

bear and baby2

bear and baby3



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