My Multiple Birthday

Yesterday was our birthday (for those of you who don’t know, I identify as a multiple and often use pronouns like “we” or “our”). For the sake of our wee ones, we’re making it a weekend-long extravaganza, which is extra fun because today is a holiday in Canada.

My partner Willow is excellent at extravaganzas of all sorts, so she’s making sure everything is awesome even while we do some heavy-duty emotional and memory work. She’s even tried to pull off an overnight trip to our favourite place (which we just couldn’t afford), and suggested a rock-hunting excursion (which is probably too physically demanding at the moment, but we’ll see what today brings). She made sure we could handle our brief appearance at the family BBQ, and basically is our hero in every way. We’re all so grateful for our “Woof Woof”, our partner, our best friend.

So today we’re making more little clay miniatures, watching cartoons, eating ice cream, and celebrating in every way we can. Any ideas? 🙂




5 thoughts on “My Multiple Birthday

    1. Thank you! Willow ended up getting us to our favourite place after all, Algonquin park, where we spent two nights having an incredible adventure. So happy! 🙂

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