Representing DID/MPD Visually

I’ve gotten into sculpting doll faces, which became the perfect outlet for my personalities to express themselves. We’ve made seven dolls so far, each based on a different alter personality. We are going to sew little outfits too. So far all the clothes we’ve used came with the secondhand doll bodies we attached the heads to. But these temporary clothes do bear some resemblance to what each personality likes. It’s proven to be a very engaging, rewarding and fun hobby as well as a way to show people how my alters view themselves.

Here’s Kitty:










Bobby (and friends):






11 thoughts on “Representing DID/MPD Visually

    1. Thank you! We originally fell in love with Pullip dolls and would have bought custom ones if we could, but that just wasn’t possible. We like crafting anyway so it worked out πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you so much! It’s so empowering to express all the different styles and identities that exist in my inner world. I love just looking at them πŸ™‚

  1. Beatifull … I am sure every single person looking at your dollies, picks one they can associate with…me?? ….. would love to be Tessa! …

  2. I can’t believe I came across this post as I’ve been browsing you. I just yesterday wrote a post about dolls, and I’ve never been into dolls.

    Now here you are with these absolutely amazing creatures. They are just wonderful!

    I am so confirmed right now. Dolls have been entering my life for the first time ever in the past six months. I talk more about it here:

    So glad to connect with you. ❀

    1. I couldn’t find your doll post (the link is to the edit page) but I’m excited for you, I love it when new things come into our lives and inspire us! I was never into dolls either, it’s totally a recent thing. Thank you for stopping by, I’m loving your art and writing πŸ˜€

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