Witch Tip: Anointing Oil Bars

I love to carry power objects like crystals and other tools with me in little pouches as I go about my day. I also love anointing oils, but these can be terribly messy to carry. Even a good, tightly sealed bottle seems to leak as it gets moved about and of course the glass could always break. So I’ve made a simple solution I’d like to share: anointing oil bars.

It’s very easy to make an oil into a solid bar and the result is lovely. You can select any oils, butters and fragrances that you like to create the perfect magical tool for what you need. I should mention that I don’t use available concordances but rather make up my own. So I even experimented with putting things like cinnamon and cocoa into the bars. Any powders or herbs you add will sink to the bottom, but if you’re using this for magic and not necessarily for a moisturizing lotion, it’s all good.

Here’s the recipe, and it’s dead simple:

2 parts oil, or an oil and a butter (think shea butter, etc, not dairy butter…though I like to use tallow)

1 part beeswax (or other wax, but beeswax is to die for)

+fragrance oils or even herbs, whatever your magic work requires

So all you have to do now is melt everything together, then pour it into molds. I love using those flexible ice-cube molds that come in different shapes, very easy to find at thrift stores. But just about anything will do as long as you can pop the bars out when they are cooled and solid.

If you find the bars too oily or too solid, simply melt them down again and add more wax or more oil. They should be a bit oily to the touch, or else they wouldn’t work! Which is why I keep mine in lightweight plastic containers.



20140618_070952 20140618_071219 20140618_070948




20 thoughts on “Witch Tip: Anointing Oil Bars

  1. What a wonderful idea! I wonder if you could use these in the little oil burners made for melting wax cubes? Seems like that would a great way to use them in spellwork…

      1. I’ll let you know! I’m thinking I might have a little play on the full moon on the 9th. I’ll try out the oils that are over on my wytch recipes page, I’m hoping they’ll blend nicely for some witchy gifts. Is it ok if I put a link on that page for your post, when I write up my findings? )o(

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