me and tree
me and tree

About a year ago I began to see what I refer to as energy emanating from everything and buzzing around the room. I tune it out most of the time but it never really goes away. When I first saw it, I thought it was a physical thing — it looked a bit like long spider legs dancing on the underside of my desk. But there is no physical explanation; it’s not smoke or mist, though it can look like that. When I look at my hand and focus for a moment I begin to see sparks fizzing off my fingers, or even what looks like interference waves between my fingers. It’s not quite as dramatic as it sounds, but it is real to me and extremely interesting.

I am not a very visual person and certainly never thought I would be able to see energy, so it was a surprise. I played around with it for a while, then largely ignored it. Part of why I gave up on it was because everything I looked at had the same kind of energy streaming off it. To me, if that’s all I could see, it was a useless skill. I wanted to see variations, something that would tell me something about what I was looking at.

Recently I have begun to see two more phenomena, without trying: coloured auras around people, and visions of odd things when I close my eyes for a while.

Seeing colours in the energy is extremely intriguing to me. It is subtle and I think it will take some practice, but I like that too — the idea of having a real skill that takes time to master.

As for the visions when I close my eyes, they are more mysterious. I know what hypnogogic hallucinations are like and these are different — they really are visions, as in pictures that appear in front of my closed eyes. They are something my mind thinks it “sees” through the eyes, not in my imagination (which I tend to feel occurs in the back of my head). They happen before I get to the edge of falling asleep, but you have to understand that I fall asleep very very easily and slip into dreams instantly, which I think is connected to my shamanic skills and generally to the idea of having a foot in both worlds (the ordinary and extraordinary).

Anyway, so far I have seen some baffling things: faces I don’t recognize, images of chaos, some seemingly random stuff. I haven’t been pushing too much to practice or test my ability to experience visions (mostly because I’ve been busy), but I intend to.  If anyone has thoughts or suggestions they would be most welcome!


8 thoughts on “Visions

  1. I am a spirit-worker and I experience the same kind of visions that you describe. Sometimes I even get what I call short “films”. I believe that all of these are symbolic and have hidden messages which must be interpreted. I am also convinced that such visions are a gift from the spirits, perhaps as a form of communication or a method of seer-ship.

    1. That is fascinating, thank you for sharing. It’s really interesting to me to hear from someone who has similar visions. I tend to think the messages would be symbolic rather than literal too, and a gift as you say.

    1. Apparently dreaming that fast isn’t “normal”, it’s even a sign of narcolepsy! But I wonder if spiritually-minded people dream more easily?

      1. My comment should have said ‘minute or two before I drift off’.
        Perhaps so. Perhaps creative-minded people too?
        My wife (jokingly) says to me ‘weirdo!’ For this, also in regard to my memories. I can remember whole conversations from my primary school days, etc. But when I recall things like this, not only do I remember the situations, but I also remember the ‘feel’ from back then. For example, walking into the Drama Area for the first time in high school, not only do I remember how it felt to me, emotionally, but also the feel of the place. The atmosphere, etc. ‘Weirdo’ again cries my wife 🙂

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