Gifts from Spirit

My wife and I have had a rough few days, including being at the emergency room all night long with Willow’s mother (she was told she has vertigo). So we went for a long drive, and came across some remarkable things. It was as if Spirit and the universe were speaking to us directly.

First, I found a fox skull when we stopped to look for muskrats. We collect skulls so this was a treat. Then we found this weird forest where hunters had apparently dumped their kills — there were all kinds of bones and bits we couldn’t even identify. It’ll be a great place to look for coyotes in the future. But the truly mind-blowing part was finding and investigating what looked like fox dens at the side of the road, only to see baby foxes poke their heads up at us! It was utterly, utterly magical. We stood there for some twenty minutes taking photos.




foxes4 foxes5 foxes6 foxes2



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