Man is an Animal

They say man is an animal

that can get used

to anything.

Only half of that tale is true.

You get used,

you become an animal,

but you get used to nothing.


Maybe you adapt.

You’re a tiger when you lunge,

a camel when you spit.

You’re all claws and teeth and it hurts

to speak. Fight or flight drives

your every nerve, and you have no use

for getting used to things.


Are you ever fully human again,

after this? Maybe you’re tamed,

released into the urban grey

where you growl

in your mother tongue.

You carry wildness in your head

through every office, street, or bedroom.

But this is your second self.

She’s an owl that rules your night,

a wolf pack that guards your hills.

Respect this.


Respect her, because

they will say that you, woman, are a being

that can survive

becoming a beast,

and back again.



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