Suddenly I was air. Skinned, sublimated

like mist lifting from a frozen stream, I watched

you rape a river.

My consciousness hung

on a hairsbreadth chain, barely anchored

to time and life. Blood roared

as it pushed in and fell

back, becoming the sound of absence, cricket-song

superimposed on deep space’s silence. The stars twisted

and staying put took effort. I made myself

willing to watch you thrash and spasm

in my river, while I mouthed

a lullaby like a hook. Hush.


Then something snapped, then something exited, and it pulled

me as violently as the Earth pulls lightning

towards its own heart. I was on my back, eyes open,

spread over stones.

Submission — to what, I don’t know —

condensed in me, flipping

like a fish soon out of water. I lifted

up a shaking hand, I pressed

it to my chest, and I claimed

myself, again, as my own.


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